Markets & Products

As a renowned manufacturer, Rosenberger as a brand is associated with the most advanced technology, quality and creativity. The Rosenberger group - with its headquarters in Germany and sales and manufacturing centers around the globe - provides a wide range of standardized and customized connectivity solutions in high-frequency and fiber optic technologies.
The product range covers RF connectors, components and accessories right up to cable assemblies. Renowned high-tech companies in fields such as cellular technology and telecommunications, industrial measurement technology, automotive electronics, medical and industrial electronics or data systems have trust in the precision and quality of Rosenberger products. Our custom machining center manufactures components for sophisticated technical equipment and facilities.


In 2000, Rosenberger started working in the automotive sector, designing and producing customized and standard products for these specific markets. Rosenberger Automotive is a specialist development partner when it comes to integrating connector designs and customer-specific solutions with the highest quality and best performance – while continuing to meet customer price targets.

The contact systems are specifically designed to fulfill the tough requirements of the automotive industry. The priority in most automotive applications, such as autonomous driving and driver assistance systems, is to ensure safety, where it is necessary to simultaneously determine accurate positions, continuously calculate routes, and detect and classify objects. Large data quantities from several cameras, various sensors and navigation sources must be combined and transported for this purpose – in real time.

FAKRA Connectors

Rosenberger FAKRA* connectors have been specifically designed to fulfill the tough requirements of the automotive industry. The sophisticated coding system of the standard plastic housing offers 13 mechanical and color codings and one neutral coding. In addition to rotated part production, the stamped and formed (SF) technology is being used increasingly. These precision manufactured FAKRA-SF** products are ideally suited for process-safe and fully automated assembly by harness makers, which ultimately leads to a significant reduction in costs.
Rosenberger FAKRA* products comply with standard ISO 20860-1 & 2 and USCAR 17 & 18.

RosenbergerHSD® High-Speed Data Connections

Rosenberger has developed a homogeneous impedance-controlled interconnect system for High-Speed Data (RosenbergerHSD®) applications. This is a high-performance digital system for low-voltage differential signals, which prevents interference from crosstalk and external sources. RosenbergerHSD® is a 100 Ω fully shielded interconnect system that can use shielded twisted quad cables.

HVR® - High-Voltage Connector Systems

Rosenberger high-voltage connector systems and HVR®40, HVR®200 and HPK HV auxiliary devices were developed especially for use in electric and hybrid vehicles. These include various components to power the vehicle and facilitate customized configurations for the design of the required cables. Areas of application: batteries, AC/DC converters, motors and various charging systems.
Compact design which enables use in reduced spaces. Additional advantages: available in various encodings, i.e. usable for multiple cable cross-sections. Waterproof system with electromagnetic shielding in line with current automotive standards.

Automotive cable manufacturing

The Rosenberger group with its self-developed HSD cables spent many years without competition on the market. Since the emergence of other players in the buiness, quality improvement has become our main goal. Our data cables are everywhere where high-speed data transfer needs to be solved in a vehicle, and the demand is growing at a pace that our semi-automatic machines are now delivering flawless products 24 hours a day. Many automotive industry companies such as Mercedes use our cables exclusively.
Valeo Auto-Electric Hungary Kft is another key partner of Rosenberger Magyarország Kft, purchasing cable systems for camera systems. Among others, we are also a supplier to Tesla, which is now entering the market with electronic cars.


Reliable communication systems have become a part of our daily life. As the leading manufacturer of connectivity solutions for the necessary infrastructure, Rosenberger offers a comprehensive range of products, services and know-how required to meet the continually increasing requirements of our customers in terms of quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

In addition to classical connection technology, Rosenberger also offers RF connectors and cable assemblies for communication devices, and our innovative fiber-optic products and hybrid solutions are present in various products ranging from miniaturized contacts to cable-to-board or board-to-board connections on and between PCBs. Rosenberger offers measurement devices as a special service for determining the passive intermodulation performance of connection systems in laboratories and production lines.

Rosenberger also offers standardized and customized products for landline telecommunication, industrial and data system technologies, as well as for aerospace engineering applications.

In addition to individual customer advisory services on request, the Rosenberger service also incorporates design support and layout recommendations as well as electrical and mechanical simulations and laboratory tests.

RF Coaxial Products from A-Z

For applications such as cellular technology and telecommunications, industrial and data systems and aerospace engineering, Rosenberger offers a comprehensive product range consisting of connectors for all globally accepted conventional series: from adaptors to cables, panels and PCB connectors and tools right up to accessory components.

PCB Connectors

Rosenberger provides a wide range of RF coaxial connectors for PCB applications. A wide range of installation variants are available as solutions for board-to-board and board-to-cable connections. The range incorporates all innovative coaxial series such as P-SMP, Longwipe-SMP, SMP, FMC, Mini-SMP and Micro-RF. Rosenberger also offers optimum PCB connectors for many common standard RF series such as SMA, QMA, SMB, MCX and Mini-Coax, as well as for automotive or test and measurement technology applications.

In addition to small board-to-board distances, the essential characteristics of these connectors include the equalization of radial and axial misalignments, diverse holding forces and a fast and cost-effective assembly design. The surface-mount technology facilitates very good transmission characteristics and automatic installation using the special tape & reel packaging.


When Hans Rosenberger, the head of the company, became an independent locksmith in 1958 with a small workshop, this was the seed of today's machining center and at the same time the cornerstone of the company we know today. Today Rosenberger’s "Custom Machining Center" has developed into a specialist for customized, ready-to-install parts and individual components. Our main competence is in the area of turning, drilling, cutting and manufacturing parts required to construct driving gears. By the implementation of the highest technical standards, our custom machining center has become a qualified partner for the drive and commercial vehicle industry as well as for machine and system builders, where the customer is allowed to take part in all production stages, if required.

As a supplier, we are well-placed to provide customized individual parts and components, which we manufacture on complex lathes and machining centers. We are capable of manufacturing from the prototype right up to series production in six-figure quantities, meeting the highest technical requirements.
We support our customers in the component development stage, perform the procurement of raw material and deliver, when required, directly to the assembly line.
With a manufacturing area of around 4,500 m², we operate with a modern machine park in order to provide flexible manufacturing capacity.


The Rosenberger Medical and Industries Business Area creates innovative products for medical, industrial and consumer markets. In close cooperation with our customers, we offer complete product development from the first idea to the finished product.
The Medical and Industries team is located in Germany and in the USA. As part of the Rosenberger group we use the synergies of production technologies, research and development, purchasing, production and sales know-how and resources around the world.

Rosenberger's core competencies are:
• Technical design
• RF design
• Electrical and optical data transmission technologies
• Enclosing solutions in metal and plastics for components and complete systems
• Connectivity solutions
• Electronic systems on circuit boards

Our business philosophy is project-oriented and customer-centered at the same time. We use well-tried and proven practices for all stages of development from creating a development schedule to the selection of production technologies and materials and the use of know-how in development and production. We are ready to provide these stages to our partners using our own internal resources.
The Rosenberger group is capable of handling small and large production volumes utilizing our global manufacturing infrastructure.


Rosenberger is a dependable and renowned development partner in industrial measurement technology. The fact that we work with leading multinational companies engaged in electronic measurement technology shows that companies working in other areas also trust our research and development, our high-quality manufacturing, and last but not least our customer-orientated “Made in Germany” service. Rosenberger provides customized solutions – at the best available price and in the most advanced design – from the initial idea right through to volume production.

Rosenberger runs a calibration laboratory, which is accredited and controlled by the German accreditation body DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle) according to DIN EN ISO 17025. Calibration certificates issued by our accredited calibration laboratory are accepted worldwide and demonstrate that the measurement results can be traced back to national (PTB / Germany) / international standards (e.g. METAS / Switzerland, NIST / USA or NPL / UK).

Rosenberger also offers “factory“ standard calibration for all connector systems. All calibration certificates include measurement values as well as measurement uncertainties. Please refer to our application note AN001 for detailed information about Rosenberger calibration services and technical details.